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Sunbrella's upholstery fabrics

What are Sunbrella's fabrics and what sets them apart? It starts with the design but not only, In the next article, we will tell you about the features that are characteristic only of the world's leading brand of upholstery fabrics


Sunbrella's fabrics are a source of inspiration for most manufacturers and designers from around the world and there are many reasons for this.

The fabrics are made in South Carolina in the USA in a huge factory that covers an area of ​​one million square feet and includes laboratories with research and development teams who are constantly working to improve the durability and features for the collections produced from time to time.

In addition to the R&D team that works around the clock, Sunbrella has a professional and extensive design team of textile designers from around the world who are experienced in a variety of industries. The knowledge and innovation are transferred to the research and development department in order to bring to the latest market in home design that includes innovation and exclusive features. The R&D team develops solutions for new and up-to-date textile design in accordance with the design teams.

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The unique design

International designer Richard Frinier - inspires people to create spaces that bring the quality of interior living to the outside and the wind that blows from the outside to the inside of the house. With 40 years of experience in designing textile and furniture products in particular, he has created thousands of individual designs across hundreds of collections, some of which have been produced continuously for over 30 years to the present day.

Today Mr. Richard is an art and craft teacher, he began his career as a sculptor, artist, furniture and interior designer, and lighting designer. In 1981 Richard emphasized the design of furniture that combines beauty and performance for interior and exterior spaces. Since then, Prinier has designed for leading brands around the world. He is known for his personal desire to create sophisticated and elegant, authentic, relevant and memorable designs.

In addition to being chosen as one of the most influential people in the home furniture industry for the past 40 years, today Frinier has been crowned as receiving over 90 design excellence awards and it does not end there. His other honors include being nominated for the American Home Furniture Hall of Fame, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the International Furniture Association, and winner of the Design Stars Award at the Pacific Design Center.

Richard has received additional awards and degrees from his collaborations with the leading brand of Sunbrella, including an award from Good Design from the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago, an Excellence Award for Furniture and Industrial Design from IDSA IDEA,

Architexture Collection

This new collection showcases the designer’s strong respect and appreciation for the importance architecture plays in society.  

The Architexture Collection echoes architectural design elements found in surface and facade design with a versatile range of textiles with distinctive constructions, textures, patterns and colors. Fabrics in the Architexture Collection enhance and complement both interior and exterior spaces.

Inspired by the elements and patterns he noticed on the surfaces and facades of old buildings, made up of glass, metals, concrete, and other materials, Frinier saw an opportunity to make beautiful textiles with the same patterns

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Caravan Collection

The Journal of Design Architects presented Frinier and Sunbrella with an ADEX Gold Design Excellence Award, one of the largest and most prestigious awards program for product and project design in the A&D industry.

CARAVAN was also named one of Architectural Record magazine’s Products of the Year for its vintage Moroccan inspired patterns woven with Sunbrella acrylic fiber that is fade proof, easy care and bleach cleanable.

In addition to these notable and significant awards, Frinier and Sunbrella were named Best of Year Honorees by Interior Design magazine. Over Frinier’s career, he has earned more than 90 design and career awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Casual Furnishings Association

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The iconic designs represented on the Moroccan rugs, were of particular interest and inspiration after they discovered that many are vintage works originally embroidered by the Orian tribes in the Atlas Mountains for centuries. Mr. Preneier authentically captures the neutral shades and accent colors that include shades of sand, camel, brown, black, indigo, and henna that reflect the culture of the area. Many of the ancient rug designs passed down through generations of weavers gained popularity during the modern mid-century movement, and today architects and designers around the world seek and locate this inspiration, in order to bring timeless, classic and exotic fine art.

The properties of the fabrics

Teams of research and development owned by the Sunbrella's brand maintain strong and impressive performance features.

First of all, these are fabrics that are resistant to all weather conditions, including direct sunlight - protection from UV radiation and color fading (strong as it may be), wet and snowy winter, and they are also resistant to corrosion, mold and bacteria.

In addition, the fabrics repel liquids and stains, they are washable and washable so the treatment is easy and the regular maintenance should not worry you at all. Since these are molecular fabrics, stains can even be cleaned using bleach (according to the manufacturer's instructions).

Aside from the impressive designs - purchasing Sunbrella brand fabrics is basically going for sure and knowing that the world's leading research and development teams engineer the fabrics and take care of the most advanced and promising production techniques, which is one of the reasons why world hotel chains only choose Sunbrella. You will receive the fabrics with a manufacturer's warranty for 5 years.

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